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10 Things Self-Loving People Do Differently

Well, here's another copy/paste post coming directly from, but I thought I'd post it in honor of Valentine's Day.

I'M spending VDay alone...since my hubs will be on a flight back to Cuba for the next six weeks. But, I'm all proactive and signed up for a 5km race. It's going to be -26*C tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll only be outside for about 30 minutes...but I'm thinking that adding all those extra layers might add another 15 minutes or so.

Whatevs, I'm tough.

Then it's a hairdo, where I think I'm going to do something drastic.

And then it's a bucket of ice cream... water, since I'm all health concious...and catching up on some TV with my furry little mutt, Mags. Who has been pretty much disgusting me lately, eating her poo on my watch almost every day. Yah. Come give momma a kiss...alright. That dog....ok, enough about my poo-eating-dog.

Well, you can't truly love someone else until you love yourself, so here goes:

Copied blog post

The following exerpt is from the website I regularly get emails from their blog feed and I regularly DON'T read them.

But, since I'm working on creating a healthier mind, spirit, and body (and this is no easy task), I thought I'd start reading them more often.

Today's was an awesome read, because I'm not happy with a few things in my life. Some days I'm content, some days I'm positive, and other days...well, I think it's the end of the world. I feel discouraged and wonder how long it will take to get me feeling like I'm on the right track.

Here it is:

This morning I didn’t feel like doing anything.  It’s a combination of exhaustion from a few days of hard work, and a lack of sleep with a baby in the house.

I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything important, which is a rare occurrence for me.  I just felt completely discouraged and defeated.  I started overthinking things and doubting myself, and wondering whether anything I do …

Weight Loss - Week 5

Since the summer, I've been trying to lose some weight. It may not look like it, but I'm in very good shape. I train 4-6x a week, workouts ranging from running, kickboxing, to strength training, to whatever. I'm a Beachbody subscriber and have 2 DVD sets…and let me tell you, if you think you can't get a good workout from a DVD, Google, "Les Mills Combat" and watch a few videos. It's pretty intense. I'm on medication that not only aids in the weight gain process, but makes it harder for me to lose weight. But, that's only part of it. The other part if it comes from very inconsistent eating. I can tell you what's healthy and what's not and talk your ear off about it for hours. But…at night…or when I'm a little run down…I'd much rather make a meal out of a bag of chocolate almonds than say....some spiced chicken, a small serving of sweet potatoes topped with grass-fed butter and some baked brussel spouts (which is one of my favorite m…

Louis' Birthday

Last night we celebrated Louis' big 50th birthday. 
His birthday is a couple of weeks before mine, but his birthday is rarely celebrated...and it was a "the big 50" so I wanted to do something special.
We spent the night with a pizza/beer/cake party with a big chunk of his family. The weekend before we all attended a very emotional funeral...and it was a great distraction to get together the week after in happy times.
Laurie, Louis' mom, & I put up some cheesey decorations.

People arrived 

And the birthday boy was a good sport

Cake and desserts were had by all (except Louis' youngest who was at lifeguard training :( ).

So thankful to have my extended family. ❤️
Missing my family like crazy....helps me a lot to be around a bunch of funny, loving people. 

Post-Vermont & It's my Birthday

{Pics not yet uploaded}
Well, my weekend in Vermont has inspired me to start to be a lot more active on my weekends!
This weekend, I’m helping to host a birthday party for Louis at his mom’s place. I’m very excited to shine some attention on someone that deserves some special recognition. He is always everything to everyone….and I hope that he gets his day in the spotlight (even though he’ll hate being in the spotlight) for him to be spoiled and loved on. Being an expatriate means celebrating your birthday far from most of your friends and family….so I wanted one special year where this isn’t the case (even though his birthday was on the 23rd).
It’s actually MY birthday today, but I don’t think anything is planned. During the week it’s pretty complicated….the girls have school, I don’t get home until 18h15 or so, workout, eat…and that’s it. Last night I had the wonderful feeling to fall asleep in front of the tv with Louis. We were still tired from the weekend but it was cool to fee…