Post-Vermont & It's my Birthday

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Well, my weekend in Vermont has inspired me to start to be a lot more active on my weekends!

This weekend, I’m helping to host a birthday party for Louis at his mom’s place. I’m very excited to shine some attention on someone that deserves some special recognition. He is always everything to everyone….and I hope that he gets his day in the spotlight (even though he’ll hate being in the spotlight) for him to be spoiled and loved on. Being an expatriate means celebrating your birthday far from most of your friends and family….so I wanted one special year where this isn’t the case (even though his birthday was on the 23rd).

It’s actually MY birthday today, but I don’t think anything is planned. During the week it’s pretty complicated….the girls have school, I don’t get home until 18h15 or so, workout, eat…and that’s it. Last night I had the wonderful feeling to fall asleep in front of the tv with Louis. We were still tired from the weekend but it was cool to feel like we were having like a …non-longdistance-couple moment. ;)

So, for my weekend plans.

Louis leaves very early on the 14th (like at 2 or 3 am) and I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day by myself, which doesn’t really bother me too much, except for the fact that I don’t want to be reminded with lovey couples all around me that it’s Valentine’s Day. Coin des Coureurs (French for Running Room) is hosting a 5k race that I’d like to go to, except it starts at 09h00….and I’m not usually such of a morning person, but it would  be good for me. I think I’ve mentioned that I’m taking a 5k clinic at the Running Room. We haven’t made it up to 5km yet, but I’m pretty sure that I could wing it. I train pretty hard in other areas, so we shall see.

The weekend after that I’m going snow shoeing, which is called “raquette” here. I’ve never been before but it seems to be a popular thing to do. I’m going through an organized group, at night, and we’ll stop along the way to have some port and then finish with hot chocolate.

All my activities are driven by Groupon basically. If it’s cheap and looks fun, I’m buying the Groupon.

The next weekend, I’m taking Maggie to Sainte Adele where I’ve rented a chalet off of Airbnb for Saturday night. In the evening, I’m going to Sainte-Marguerite-du-lac-Masson for what literally translates to, “An equestrian opera”. Now I’m pretty sure the horses don’t sing…and I’m pretty sure it will be a ridiculous touristy thing to do, but hey, I’m going away for the weekend with my little dog and we’ll have a fun time out in the country and I’ll experience whatever the hell an equestrian opera may be.

In the meantime, I am freaking my freaking ass off. Yesterday and today was colder than twenty below zero (Celsius) with the addition of an extra ten degrees or so to make it a balmy -33*C (-27*F if I have any American readers).  Last night it “warmed up” to -16*C (not including wind chill factor) for my Monday run night… We ran for just under 30 minutes…and wow was it freaking cold. It’s still very cold today…

And, I had to stop writing this post because I got called away to an “emergency meeting” called by my boss. He organized a little birthday party, complete with an over-the-top chocolate/hazelnut cake from a posh bakery! This morning I came to work and there was a gift from him on my desk! Seriously…I’ve had my fair share of quirky bosses…mean bosses…and just plain old a&&hole bosses. I’m incredibly touched and flattered!

Wow! I’m so surprised that I’ll just end this post right there!

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