A break. But not a breakup. ;)

Truth be told, I really miss writing but with the way my life is now...the urge hits me extremely rarely...and when it does its not something I want to share with the world. I know, crazy right? I've shared pretty much everything and anything here...but now it doesn't feel like the right forum. 

My life is finally getting a bit more stable. Work is going well, I enjoy my colleagues and love my boss. The work...well, I'm not totally convinced it's for me, but I seem to be good at it and why fix something that isn't broken, especially when I've had a ridiculous amour of change in the last few years.

I've started to make friends. I reached out and started showing my true colours and life started up opening more doors in that area. 

I still miss my Mada friends & my Edmonton friends...but the social fulfilment that I was missing so much is family starting to be...well, fulfilled. 

I'm still struggling with my extra pounds. The pretty chubby girl I shall remain...maybe by the end of the year I'll have had some process worth mentioning in that area. 

My marriage is tough because I'm so far away from Louis...& honestly it was easier to communicate with him in Mada. I think the condition are a lot touché where he is now, so we're still adjusting. 

But in the meantime...I have nothing new to report and won't for some te, so the blog is taking a sabatical. I hope it comes back one day because it was a lot of fun, but for now, we're in a break. 

Thanks for reading. Take care. xo

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  1. Thank you for sharing. It's always nice you hear from you. Perhaps we'll have a Mada reunion some day...

    PS: you look adorable; try not to fuss about your metabolism :)