Early night out

The first couple of months I was at my new job, I heard about the "5 à 7" after work drink events...but I was yet to be invited. 

Maybe in December, I got my first invite...but I was pretty nervous. People I didn't know, language I didn't know, scenario I didn't know. I showed up, had two drinks, ordered a cheese plate for supper and caught the 830pm train home. Feeling somewhat accomished...but not really like I enjoyed myself a ton.

Tonight marks my THIRD 5 à 7, where I drank (responsibly), danced (irresponsibly), socialized, and had a kick ass good time.

I'm now on the 11pm train home. I could have stayed out much later, I could have partied all night...but I'm freaking tired. Like really tired after a week of not fantastic sleep. It feels like every week in the six week rotation brings on a new set of challenges, this week: loneliness. Missing Louis and the girls like crazy....not really wanting to sleep in my bed...and living in a house that looks like a clothing factory exploded all over it. 

Tomorrow I'm interviewing a cleaning lady and I'm having the couches professionally cleaned. Fun times on a hangover. 

Not too much going on for this Montreal lady this weekend. But I'm happy that I had a kick ass Friday out!!!