Spreeengh Rafteeeng

If I haven’t already written about it, I’m a Groupon junkie. I totally fall into the “Save 55%!”, or “SAVE 94%!” and think about a huge deal I’m missing out on if I don’t get it. So I buy them. A lot of them. Let’s just say they have their own line in my monthly budget.
I’ve wanted to find a Groupon for Aventures Quatres Saisons (Four Seasons Adventures) for some time but have always backed out. They had dog-sledding, skiing…a million other interesting things, but I’ve always been too late after trying to make up my mind if I’ll go alone. Finally, I decided that this May long weekend, I was going to buy a “spring rafting” Groupon. Now, before we go any further, it has to be mentioned that we’re in Quebec and I’m speaking French, so it’s not “spring rafting” as you would say it, it’s “Sprreeeengh rafffteengh” with a French accent.
So I called and booked my time for Spreeeegghn Rafteeeng (further known as “spring rafting”) and was all excited for it. I knew that I’d freeze my ass of on Sunday, but I was okay with that, AND they even provided a wetsuit when booking spring rafting in the month of May. I was even more excited when I found out that Aventures Quatres Saisons was on Curé Labelle Street. Curé Labelle street is about a 5 minute drive from my house, along with a bunch of rivers that all come together.  I didn’t think the rivers looked particularly “raftable”, but hey, what do I know.
So I left the house with about 30 minutes to spare, stopped for a coffee and then put in the exact address into my GPS…which indicated that spring rafting away an hour and a half away. Stupid GPS…it’s a load of crap… it’s on its last legs…so I entered the address into my phone. Which had the same results…and then I see that the spring rafting is in an entirely different city….which is, shockingly, an hour and a half away from where I live.
So I call the company, leave a message on their machine, explaining that I am new to Quebec and got lost. I was really thankful when the owner called me back and told me that he was more than happy to rebook my spring rafting – with no extra charge. They have a cancellation fee and all of that they could have thrown at me, I missed it, who cares why, they don’t have to give me another shot. I explain to him that I was so confused because I have a Curé Labelle street right near me…so I was all confused. This is when he tells me that it’s the same road, just much farther away.
It’s as if I told him, “Oh, I live right near TransCanada Highway #1, so I thought it was right near my house!”. When TransCanada Highway runs…well…across Canada. Stupid Quebec and their stupid names and their stupid roads.
So, I went back home, got back into my pajamas, and watched a movie with Maggie. A failed attempt at adding some adventure into my long weekend. But I’ve learned a little more about Quebec now. Yay. I guess.

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