Le Weekend

Lots going on this weekend. First, Louis went back to Cuba :( . Another five or six weeks for him.

Saturday was mainly spent trying to catch up on sleep....I've realllllly been missing it and I had a horrible week of non-sleep. I was lazy with Maggie and it was pretty great.

Up early for my Sunday morning pole-dancing class. Yes, you read correctly. Pole dancing. Chubby white chicks are not the best candidates for pole dancing...but I gave it a try. And I'll give it a try for four more classes. At least we laughed, A LOT.

The rest of my day consisted of driving around, relying on my friend Alexandra to give me directions using her phone. We did pretty good. We laughed A LOT. We saw the world's biggest banana.

And then I came home and Maggie got loose…and somehow got through a fence that led into a school track field and she proceeded to run many, many laps while I screamed at her to come back…not quite knowing how the hell I’d get her back. Every so often she gets lose and she is a mad-dog. It usually means I haven’t walked her enough (thankful for those dog walker days!!!) and usually she listens very well. She wouldn’t come until I climbed the NINE FOOT TALL fence and jumped down, ripping my pants and my hands to shreds. Then she decided she’d come and see me, I guess she was impressed with my fence climb too. Not my best moment, carrying home a wet dog in the rain….after a very long day…
But, I didn’t have to walk her that night at least… :S
But back to the exciting part. We've decided to rent an apartment for a bit that's closer to work. It makes sense since Louis is only here for 2 weeks at a time and my current living environment, I commute almost FOUR hours a day. That's FIFTEEN hours a week. With this little place, I commute about an hour to work. I had a short list of places I wanted to see and I took my friend Alex with me because I didn't think I could drive myself, find directions, park, and she's fun to hang around with.

I found a cute little place in a very typical Quebec-style living quarters. It has an open style concept, is on the main floor and soooooooooooooooo cute.
Lots of closet space
A bright kitchen, equipped with everything that I'll need and a nice big bathroom with washer and dryer.
Here's a photo of it from the outside, in the winter obviously. This is very much the Quebec style housing in that area and I loovve it. It might get cold in the winter, but there is a big fire place to keep us warm. I think Maggie will love having a front/back yard as well.

A funny story with NO photos is how I got SCREAMED AT by a police man.

I changed lanes, without signaling, speeding to pass the person who was hogging the lane (this is Montreal - we don't signal and we speed), and suddenly this man in a red hat, yellow vest, and PINK camouflage pants sort of comes out in the middle of the road…kind of motioning for me to pull over. I was like…what? What is this parking lot attendant trying to do?!? I don’t want to park here….what is going on? I drove for a few minutes, confused, looking in my rear view mirror watching him jump up and down waving his arms… I figured it must be important…so I pulled over. Then I kind of thought…is this a police man? What is going on here?

Finally, the pink camouflaged panther got to my car, I unrolled my window, and he STARTED SCREAMING how I should have stopped, screaming at me asking if I just thought he needed a nice long walk, and so forth. Yes, this is a police man. For some reason (I haven’t the energy to even bother to look) the police are protesting and so they wear camouflage pants. Ok, camouflage pants (and these ones pink), a yellow vest, and a red hat, with your police shirt UNDERNEETH. I told him I had no idea he was a police man – WRONG ANSWER!! The Pink Panther tells me that EVERYONE knows police wear camo pants… I was still trying to see if he had a badge or something… I tried to talk, he kept on screaming, so I just apologized in French again and again and again and again.  I somehow got that I was looking for this address, and then he stopped yelling, took a breath, yelled instructions to me on how to get to the address, that were FAR too complicated for me to understand, and then screamed at me to leave.

It took me a few minutes to figure out…what the hell just happened? I guess…I played dumb and got myself out of a speeding ticket (and changing lanes without signaling and failing to stop for a police officer)…unfortunately, there was no “playing” involved…I just was that dumb…. But, whatever works.

Another busy weekend ahead (feels like it’s almost Friday) and you bet I’ll be posting another pole-dancing photo next week. ;)

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