Day 1

Last night Maggie and I made out pretty well in our new pad. I thought she'd be scared, so I let her sleep with me (bad, bad, bad owner!!!) but she woke up after a few hours and wanted inside her cage. We both woke up around 4am....kind of confused I guess, so we hung around, dozed off, and woke up for a walk around 06h30.

Did you see that.


For the last SEVEN months, I've been waking up at 05h04 or 05h09 (and for the last month, sleeping in and showing up to work like a train wreck).

SIX THIRTY is like a dream.

I'll probably have to get a bit more organized because the dog walk takes a little bit longer and I'm still all confused as to how to get to work. It's technically VERY simple, but this morning I walked around for 30 minutes and then took a $12 taxi ride. The worst part is that my boss isn't even in the office and even if he was I'd be a big fifteen minutes late....but I'm a spazz like that.

I have to walk, take a bus, and then the metro. This all seems extremely confusing and overwhelming to me... part of me just wants to walk, but it's 7km and I think that would take me some time, plus in the summer I'd end up covered in sweat. Maybe I could walk home.

Holy crap. 7km? That's it? I feel like I'm another world when I'm in Plateau. Every street has a long line of stores...restaurants, cafes, shops....but all cute-like.

Maggie and I walked around for probably an hour last night. People would stop to pet her...look, I think she's cute and all...but she's not a very good looking dog. Anyway, we found a park and I made her do laps. It's this thing I do, I make her run in a circle with the leash because I can see she's a savage beast that needs to be exercised but I don't have the time. So she runs and runs and I look like a fool, cheering her on to keep running, knowing she needs to get her energy out.

The hallway has 2 steps down to the kitchen/dining room and then there is 1 step to the common area....and Maggie is scared of it will be a bit of a battle to get her used to them. When she forgets she just comes running, but when she remembers, she literally cannot figure out how to go down the stairs. It's like she's missing part of her brain in that area....But, I think she is keeping me sane. I'm totally not ready to be alone right now, and having her funny/goofy little company helps me soooo very much. I'm so very lucky.

Anyway, I managed to get to work (yay), get to work on time (yay), am sort of productive (boo, need to be extra productive), and a friend just delivered me salad from this amazing salad place that will totally bankrupt me if I don't get proper groceries.

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