Profanity is sometimes called for

I'm so thankful to have gotten through the week. A millions ups &,so  thankful for my friends & family, near & far. 

Sometimes people come into your lives...for no reason at all...& sometimes it seems like there are others that have a purpose...I'm lucky to have found some locals here that make my life brighter, happier, and easier. 

I've ditched everyone today, at lunch & for after work drinks & for after-drink supper...for the couch, Maggie, & season 3 of Orange is the New Black.

I have an exciting Friday night planned where I pick up some pre-cut cantaloupe (seriously, it tastes so, so much better if someone else cuts it for you....this has been my treat for the last few weeks because it costs more), maybe a watermelon, ice, some Zevia (Stevia-sweetened pop), pre-cooked fish, and pre-cut veggies and have a freaking party *

(Party defined as falling asleep on the couch with the dog).

Thank FUCK it's Friday. 

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