Rafting Sunday

Well, on that sad note, the show must go on. Today I drove 1.5 hours in Laurentians to the area near Mont Tremblent. I had a date with some white water rapids.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my failed attempt to try to get there...so I was prepared this time welllll in advance with directions. 

The drive was gorgeous. It reminded me of the Rockies (though on a smaller scale). The traffic wasn't too bad even though it was the Iron Man weekend. I got lost for a few minutes but soon I was meeting, Vincent, my private guide for the day. The Groupon wasn't for a one-on-one guide, but no one else turned up so it was just the two of us. He was the same age as me, a lifer Quebecer, but educated in a very interesting way and we had lots to talk about, when I wasn't almost falling out of the kayak. 

The water temperature wasn't too bad, but the full body wetsuit helped a lot...except I'm not thrilled about my new tan..

The rapids were a bit intense at times, but for theost part it was just a lot of paddling, and I'm sure my arms and upper back got a wicked workout!! 

We ran into some of Vincent's friends so we hung around and chat for a bit, in the middle of the water...it was just a chill day. 

It wasn't easy today to get motivated. I wanted to cancel...I wanted to stay in bed and relax. I had still to meal prep for my week...the house isn't cleaned, the drive was long...but in the end, it wasn't too long before the scenery along the drive made me very happy I hadn't cancelled. 

It hasn't been an easy weekend. It was very, very busy, which is good, but I'm still going through the ups and downs of mourning. I'm not always good at it. Maybe no one is good at it. 

I wish I had some photos of the rapids but I forgot my waterproof camera...and I'm not sure I could be bothered really in the first place. Lately I'm more about just observing...that trying to capture the moment.

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with the big, bad lawyer. I'm not sure how it will go...she's nice and calm and caring...but I'm pretty anxious. Send me some positive vibes.

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