Round One

My lawyer is this friendly, beautiful, young, non-threatening lady. 

Thirteen seconds after escorting me into the board room, I just started crying. Previously I had convinced myself to think of her as someone to help me through what is a legal proceeding...but I don't even have logical thoughts in her office.

Half of this, half of the end, my marriage is dissolved into numbers and court filings. This is what breaks my heart...and my spirit. 

Relationships end...people change...wavy different things...that I can comprehend. Sitting in a lawyer's so way beyond my comprehension. 

On a total subject change, I'm getting back into the 21 Day Fix game. I've had the "Extreme" version for awhile but lost my nerve to try it. My ears are all prepped (although not too much was eaten today), my blueray player is lined up to go & im hoping dedicating myself to this three week distraction will help my brain...unravel.

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  1. Of course this is corny, but when one door closes, another one opens... :)