Things are tough right now, I'm not gonna lie. For those of you that don't know the details, I'll fill you in soon. For those of you that do & have been reaching out in any way....thank you. It's nice to feel loved & special.

I'm usually ok at work....although extremely distracted. I had to let my boss know I had some life stuff going on...because I'm sure my productivity has gone down the drain. I need to fix that ASAP. Too much work and my reputation on the I like to do a good job. 

Good news: Louis & I are going looking at apartments on Saturday downtown. It makes no sense for me to commute as much as I do (roughly 20 hours/week) when it's just me & Mags most of the time. So a furnished, short-term rental is what's on the list. I looked at one last Sunday...but it was kind of dumpy. (And by kind of, I mean REALLY). 

I can't wait until I'm home before 18h00...or that I can wake up at like 630 or 700....instead of 5am to make it to work at 8am....

The train ride home is usually when I fall apart. Anger, tears, regret...I've been feeling like I've been away from Edmonton too long...and the last time I was there I was in no condition to see anyone...

Thankfully, I think I am sleeping well, but my brain works too much & the background noise that stays on all day is tiring...and I need a nice, long nap. Followed by a real, true, slurpee.