Trying to get back into the blogging life again

I've disconnected my Facebook hopes that I'll take more photos and start writing more instead of wasting my time looking at funny or not-so-funny jokes.

Today, just a few photos..

I'm wearing a necklace today that I designed in Madagascar. On my non-expat salary, I could never afford to buy things like this...I find I appreciate them a lot more now & I should really try to wear them more often. 

This is my extremely lazy side...bun? I'm so tired these days that doing my hair is kind of a luxury....that I'm willing to forgo. 

Yesterday was leg day. Today I had to run to try & catch my train....obviously, I missed it & ended up coming in late to work. 

This is totally my motto. I'm stressed....kind of feeling negative lately....and I'm ready to tear a strip off anyone...keeping my mouth shut is sometimes harder than I'd like. 

Oh. My best furry friend. Always making sure I get my workout in. 

Even if she's pretty lazy herself...

Seriously, I don't look this good in person. The light in the bathroom at work is amazing & makes me look all pretty. I know I'm not the only one that takes photos in the toilet...right???

For the rest of today, I've locked myself in a meeting room. I need to seriously be productive & im seriously slacking on my productivity...we'll see how that goes for me. 

Right now I really could just use a good joke. That's not on Facebook. 


  1. a) Stunning b) Radiant c) Beautiful d) All of the above (for sure d).

  2. A good joke? Hmm ... here's an original.

    I started a self-help group for people who talk to much. It's called On'n'on'n'onAnon

    ... I'll show myself out.

    1. thank you for the laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!