Another dog post

It's crazy hot here.

Downtown it's 30*C before I arrive at work.

Maggie can't walk very far without being ready to pass out so I put an ice pack against her & throw her in my purse.

I'm not sure if I like it or not but I'm totally getting known as the lady with the little dog. 

I bought a $10 bag for the beach which has become her official tote.

I'm not sure how an overly anxious, chicken shit, panicky dog has turned into this chill dog that wants to be friends with every.single.person and loves every dog except for standard poodles and the shitzu upstairs.

I also had a chat with her new dog walker who nurtures her doggy diva. Verbatim, tomorrow will be her "debutante party on the block", photos at the local pet store and meeting all the other locals I guess. I'm not quite sure, but he takes his job VERY seriously. 

Nothing really new...I just needed to have something more upbeat than lawyer drama....

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