This week

I long for the days where I lived an interesting life and took interesting photos, blogged about my adventures, and kinda lived the life of a rock-star.

Well, I've moved a lot, things are pretty unstable, and I'm going through a divorce, so maybe I'm still living the life of a rockstar??

Yesterday was a tttttttttouuuuuuuughhhhhh day. Thankfully I was rescued by one of my favorites to took me for a donut. A donut with peanut butter cups on it?!?! What the !??! I think I ate it in 5 bites.
What I tell myself almost every day. Or I'll say, "One day when I get my shit together, I'll....".
Wednesday was lawyer day. Ending a relationship is one thing...but having to deal with lawyers ON TOP of a relationship ending is....well, it sucks the life right out of me. I feel weak, I cry, I'm confused....So I decided that I needed TWO bouquet's of flowers from a local "Depanneur". In Quebec, there aren't very many Shell stations and there are no 7-11s, it's all independently owned little stores that sell beer, wine, ice cream, laundry detergent, name it. I have a mix of live/fake plants in my new place and I love how they all look together.

After lawyer day, I was so confused. Lawyer visits take my brain to another level and I cannot function. I was lost, walking around, finally I decided to just walk home. And then I found a bus stop and bus that would take me practically right to my doorstep. INSANITY. I'm finally starting to figure out the public transport system....I think.
Pretty much.

Last weekend I went to Ikea with Donut Girl. She thought I should lay with the cow hide rugs to try to feel closer to my Alberta roots. We were beyond giddy with exhaustion at this point, and it seemed like a good idea. It didn't work, they smelled horrible, but we laughed.
I've been killing it with my workouts lately....but have taken TWO rest days because my legs are EXHAUSTED. I start physio again on the 23rd to see what's up. I used to go regularly but stopped because with my commute to/from work, it was nearly impossible to fit it in with my schedule. Now, it's within walking distance to my place and I can get home in 30 minutes.
A dog is not allowed on the bed. This dog has been sleeping on my bed. I....I'm just kinda lonely.
True urbanised fashion there is a communal garden. I'm no where near wanting to rent a plot of land, but I like walking past there every day with the dog to see what people are growing. It's quite big...maybe 1/2 the size of a football field?

And, the rat. When I'm outside on the patio (or terrace as they are refereed to here), I'll tie her up and she'll just chill out, watching people, dreaming about chasing birds, and occasionally losing her shit when another dog walks by. There are some dogs that she's friends with but there are other dogs that she instantly hates and goes insane over. Also - I'm 184 cm walking a 10 cm tall dog. There's a midget/little person/whatever the PC term is that owns this HUGGEEEEEE boxer. We walk beside each other sometimes and we look like a scene out of the movie, "TWINS" with Danny Devedo and Arnold Swarchenagar. I wonder if the dude thinks we look funny too...but I'm not about to ask.
My place. Green, with little gardens, clean and cute. This weekend it's expected to rain the entire time, so I plan on doing some cleaning and nesting. And sleeping.....have I mentioned I need to find a way to get rid of these bags under my eyes!?!?
Urgh. I need to go shopping but I hate shopping. I need some summer clothes....
Work has been a bit intense lately. It's good because it keeps me distracted....but I'm not exactly on my A game at the moment...and I worry that I'm forgetting things or not doing a good enough job.

Overall, this week has been filled with a lot of ups and downs...but I'm happy to say that I made it through. This weekend I'm meeting with a few dog walkers....hopefully to find someone to help me out with Maggie during the day and keep her social.

Blogger Out.


  1. You do not need to travel and work in exotic locations to have a life; to be interesting. I think your new neighborhood and your current experiences are much more inspiring.


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