Week.. ???

As per usual, this week has been filled with ups and downs.

But first, I thought I'd talk a little as to how my routine has changed. From November 2014 to July 2015, I would commute home, rush like crazy, let the dog pee on the patio (she had like....a litter box), work out, eat, walk the dog, go to bed.

Now, things are just a little more relaxed. I stroll out of work around 17 or 1730, I take the subway and then the bus home (a total of max 40 minutes), take the rat out to pee quickly, then we come home, Maggie pretends that her food is attacking her for 5-20 minutes, I work out, eat, then take the dog for a real walk in the park. Depending on what's going on, I might stay in the park, listen to music playing (there is a piano for anyone to use), or run errands in the neighbourhood.

My photos will soon be of better quality...because my phone is about 90% dead. I'm playing a little Russian Roulette with it hoping that it just keeps lasting one more week, one more week, one more week....because I'm not prepared for the cost of a new phone....on top of everything else that costs a gazillion dollars during the first few months of moving to a new place.

Speaking of new place....this view makes me so, so happy.
Every day I think I'm so grateful to live in the area that I live in. It's green, it's quiet, it has easy access to EVERYTHING, there are plenty of dogs for Maggie to socialize with, and I can drive to a bigger supermarket in 7 minutes if I needed to.

Meanwhile, back in Alberta, they have been having some FUNKY thunderstorms!!!!!!! (all images courtesy of Global News). I forgot how crazy their thunderstorms can be.

I've changed my workout routine because of some old injuries that haven't totally healed. LES MILLS COMBAT all the way!! I love their schedule, I love the workouts, and I love that I get TWO rest days/week.

The only down side? Me jumping around and stomping around scares the ever living crap out of Maggie. She goes into the same mode that she does when there is a storm outside: trying to escape through the front door, trying to dig a hole in the tile floor, or hiding in corners or behind the TV. Look, I know I'm a little chunky Maggie, but my jumping around doesn't have the same sound as a thunderstorm.... ;)
Now that I have more time and access to many more services, I've started going back to Physio as of yesterday to get me onto the path of running and doing exercises to get me strong and fit and injury free!!!!!!!!
I saw this quote and I think I want to frame it. I need to remember that hard things happen. Hard things HAVE happened, and I'm totally ok. And I'll be ok. I missed 1/2 a day of work this week due to crying-fest that was brought on by an unidentified object. I have no idea why I started crying, but I couldn't stop. Thankfully I have some great local support....and I was able to recover for the next day.

To end off my week, I'll post yet another picture of Maggie - who totally should have her own blog by now. Not only have I let her into my bed (gross), but I let her bring her security bone - she chews it until she falls asleep. And then she annoyingly wakes up, scratches at the door and asks to go sleep in her cage. Traitor.

A short day for me today at the office. I've been keeping my professional look pretty low key lately as I want to feel like I'm wearing pajamas and be comfortable - and wearing lots of makeup doesn't work in case I have a crying fit again... But, I'm sticking to my routine as best as possible, hanging out with good people (going to the beach tomorrow!!!) and slowly getting a life together for myself.


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