I seem to be drowning in lawyer stress. I'm not sure why...but the moment I hear the word, "lawyer", I end up in a panic/stress/crying meltdown.

I think I've handled everything so well. I found a place, I transitioned well, I EMBRASED the new neighbourhood...yet, the day or night before I have a lawyer's appointment I'm a total disaster, often ending up sick or with a migraine. 

At the lawyer's office, I'm completely weak, crying, disoriented....it's like I can literally get through ANYTHING in life, except sitting in a lawyer's office.

As such, I've pretty much let her handle everything, since, well, what else is she supposed to do with a mess sitting across from her. I enjoy life, I feel like I'm going to be ok...but, in that chair, I'm a complete disaster. As such, the legal part of our split is a complete and total mess. It may have ruined any chance for us to be civil to one another or ever be friends. And even knowing that, I still can't pull myself together.

Even worse is that today's appointment was to review an email sent from the other lawyer's office sent over a week ago. Completely pointless. Here I thought that maybe, just maybe it would be to review the finalities...but no. 

I have plenty of resources to use to learn how to deal with this stress...and I need to get on that because with this amount of stress, I'm lucky it's only migraine or nausea. 

Thankfully today I was able to get out. Sit on the park & listen to this homeless guy play the piano (he's a regular). And watch this goofy friend play. 


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