Maggie in the City

The end of the weekend is near...I feel like I slept a lot of it...but I also feel like my body was prettttyyy exhausted.

I could start a blog called, Maggie in the City. I'm not sure how this dog has become so chill...but she could stay on these stairs forever. My upstairs neighbour has a shitzu as well...but for some reason, Maggie - who likes almost any dog, totally ignores this dog. It's embarrassing!!! 
I found a Costco near my place (within driving distance) and I feel like I need a's much more crowded than the one near my old place...

I'm thinking about hosting a surprise-potluck-birthday party for someone at work, so I think I'll be back next week for supplies, unfortunately...

Saturday was truly errand day and I had to pick up a parcel in the Gay Village. I hadn't really been there before but I LOVE it & should I stay here longer, I might look at places in that area.

Maggie's shopping bag adapts as I need it to. If I'm in a place & I'm trying to keep her even more low key, I hold the bag & she just barely sticks her head & paws out. 

Which brings me to this morning. While put walking Maggie, I decided to have breakfast at a restaurant I've been wanting to try. The princess did AMAZING
and chilled out on her shopping bag like she had done it a million times before. Lots of people passed by, it was a VERY noisy cafe, and Maggie was just like, yeah? What? 

A friend was cycling in the neighbourhood & stopped by. Nice to have guests...but I was totally out of sorts...and ended up crying. Totally embarrassing (my friend was totally understanding & gracious) but...kind of took the wind out of my sails...I know this too shall pass & that things will get better. 

Looking forward to the crazy week at work that I will have...