Day 1 Samama Hangover

Technically it's day 2, because we arrived yesterday just before dinner. I was pretty freaking tired. Yet again, I didn't do my research and didn't realize we were a 1.5 hr drive from the airport. I get car sick...(and we had to turn around once because we dropped some other people off first and accidentally dropped off some of our luggage as well...) so I arrived to the hotel pretty sleepy and out of it. I was up all night in Friday trying to half organize my house as I just got a delivery of most of my boxes from storage.

Anyway, I lied down for 2.4 minutes, got the courage to put on my bikini and went and found the ocean. There is NOTHING that compares to the first moment that your body is immersed in the ocean for the first time in a long time. I just floated. My mind...just floated. I didn't stay for long, but I was looking forward to coming back early the next day with a book and some sunscreen.

I stopped and got a drink on my walk back, I walked around the resort, and the BAM was nearly flat on my ass drunk. I kinda thought the drink was a little strong? But it was just I thought I'd be fine. I came upstairs and passed out. I woke up an hour or so later, lucky enough (or so I thought) to still have time for supper. I ate a few bites of various...substances...that tried to resemble food. A few cucumber slices (my signature) and grabbed a banana for the road. I saw a reflection of, I looked like a swollen, drunk female version of Mel Gibson. I did a few exercises that I'm supposed to do for physio and passed out...and woke up in crazy hangover mode. I missed breakfast, I missed my meeting with the tour guide that would arrange my return (I have to find the people I came with to find out what to do) and I missed lunch. I forced myself to drink water alternating with Sprite and I held my stomach hoping I wouldn't end up sick. I don't think it was the food. I think it was the cheap booze because I feel like I have a hangover of the century.

I woke up sleeping on my phone with data still hopefully I didn't download anything accidentally with my butt.

I'm still pretty I'll be dozing off and on until supper...where ill eat cucumbers and maybe some bread and crackers and a banana. Hopefully a dip in the ocean and then let's try this again tomorrow!!!

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  1. Off to a great Have fun in the sun :)