Surprise Vacation

The day after tomorrow, I'll board a plane to Toronto, then onto Samana, in the Dominican Republic. 

I original had two weeks of vacation scheduled (this week & next week) to go to Edmonton, but I decided to stay in Montreal, learn the lay of my new land, put in some hours at work, and stick with my routine.

Friday last week, I decided I needed an escape. Oh for sure my problems will follow me wherever I may go, but I haven't had a vacation since January 2014. I'm overdue. I totally can't afford it (moving and stuff costs a stupid amout of money) but I've decided to add it to the credit card and pay it off when I get back. 

I'm pretty close to a burn out. I'm distracted at work (I have a patient and understanding boss), I'm not sleeping well, my stomach is upset by EVERY food, and I can just body is not dealing with this stress and I need to run away, spend time alone, lick my wounds, read, sleep, SWIM IN THE OCEAN, feel the sand between my toes, and have no contact to the outside world. 

The decision may be impromptu. It may not be the it's responsible choice in my life. But I'm hoping it's an investment in my health and long term well being. 

And this photo...

Already makes me feel better. 

I can't wait for salty beach hair, tan lines, tropical drinks, naps in the afternoon, and hopefully, the recharge that I'm searching for.

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