Doggy Dentite

I’m a horrible pet owner. But I thought I’d post a Maggie story…and lighten things up a bit. My greif stories are getting a little heavy.


Yesterday, I put my non-existent vet and dental training to use. 

Maggie has been kind of eating weird lately and yesterday scratching her face like I’ve never seen. The last time I took her to the vet, they recommended that I start brushing at least with a qtip to get used to the feeling and that in 6 months’ time she should have a professional cleaning done, because of her age and how her teeth looked. I put it off because….well…divorce, moving, vacationing is kind of a money pit, and I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it.  They have to put her to sleep and that freaks me out. She’s less than 5kg….


Anyway, I took out the qtip and started to “brush” her teeth. I saw that one was so loose, it was almost all of the way out. Like, really, really almost out. Now I understood why she was eating funny, she has a tooth half hanging out. I know that she’s lost a tooth before maybe a year ago because I saw blood on her toy and we found a tooth. So, I pulled it out. It wasn’t my funnest moment, but it was very easy, since, like I said, ten times, it was seriously falling out. 


But then…there was a little bit of blood…and I got worried about infection. Sure, I could take her to the vet on the weekend or even tomorrow if required, but what about now?!? So I did what I thought was best, got out my Listerine and tried to get some on the tooth wound. This exercise involved me basically dumping ½ of the bottle of Listerine on Maggie, getting a few drops in her mouth, her making a fuss, and then me encouraging her to drink lots and lots of water.


And then I went on line and Googled what to do when your dog has a lose tooth. 

1.       Don’t pull it unless it’s causing her pain (grey area here)

2.       Dogs’ mouths are very clean and do not use any mouthwash as some of the ingredients are poisonous to dogs. (SUPER SUPER SUPER STUPID OF ME)



So, I called the vet, who gave me the emergency vet number, and we chat, and I had to wait for the doctor to call me back, which took a good half an hour, who said that Maggie should be fine, but I should watch her. Which means that I got up every couple of hours, poked her in her cage (she prefers to sleep in her cage….trust me I’ve tried to get her to sleep in my room with me!!), saw if she could get up, and then go back to bed. She’s probably like, B*TCH, you pull out my tooth, try to get me drunk, and then wake me up every couple of hours? Dontcha know I have my dog walker tomorrow and I need my freaking beauty sleep!?!



Anyway, Maggie was fine this morning, she played with her toy, and I got a glowing report from the dog walker….who probably thinks I’m a little retarded.