The porch light

I printed off some photos of my grandpa but they are in odd sizes and I can’t find a photo frame that works. In the meantime, I’ve left my porch light on, since I turned it on for some odd reason the night of his death.

Last night, after taking 7 full days off of work, spending a lot of time alone, grieving, resting, practicing yoga and meditation, coming to terms with such a huge loss in a year of losses…I turned off the light. I also taped up the photos of him, so it’s the first thing I see when I come home.

More than a month after his death, I felt ok enough to turn off the light. I’m sure there’s 900 pages of symbolism and what it means that I could write about…

Maybe later.

Praying he is at peace and truly in a better place, watching over us.

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