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It's been awhile since I've written anything...and honestly, I think it's time to retire the blog. I don't have time to blog at work (which I shouldn't anyway), and I don't have a fully functioning computer at home...and I don't have much to say these days.

Divorce is tough. If miscommunication happen in any healthy marriage - they happen 19000000000 times more frequently during divorce. I was hoping to have some kind of Disney/Pixel movie divorce:
  • Cinderella: I'd have fairy godmothers' as lawyers working to resolve the hard stuff
  • Mary Poppins: "Spoonful of sugar" would be sang as we worked out the details with our fairy godmothers
  • Marley and Me: tears over lost love, lots and lots of tears, but lots of love and support around me
  • Chipmunks, the movie: Well, I'll just throw that in there for some cheap comedic relief and funny-sounding songs (side note: whenever this is on TV, Maggie is very intrigued and is trying to figure out WTF is going on)
  • Snow White: I'd eat an apple and sleep until it's all over, with a prince waking me up from a deep sleep at the end of it. But in the meantime I'd have some super fun elves to play with and keep me distracted.
  • Pinocchio: anytime any party was lying, their nose would grow (I'm starting to think my lawyer is queen of Bullshit)
  • Peter Pan: I'd be able to escape reality and live in Never Never Land while the divorce was ongoing
  • Honey, I shrunk the kids: I'd lose weight during the process
That's not going to happen.

Also, I've realised that:
May: Separation
July: Move to a different city
August: Significant death of a loved one

merits some time off of work. Not just a holiday to the Dominican, but a holiday from LIFE. In September I took a full 7 days off of work (10 days in total with weekends). My direct boss was incredibly supportive. I spent my days going the shrink, yoga, walking my neighbour dog along with Maggie, sleeping, cleaning, and trying to get back into sleeping regularly. From the moment my grandpa passed away I stopped sleeping...some days to the point that I felt drunk. I tried different (prescription) sleeping pills and NOTHING worked, I ended up frustrated with the medical system and the lack of help that I was getting when I really needed it....but was able to figure out some solutions without using any medication. Thankfully. It's not perfect but it's 900x better.

I returned to work a week and a half ago, a little apprehensive because although my direct boss was extremely supportive, his boss doesn't know me personally (he works on a different continent) and he doesn't know that I'm good at my job and I'm not some flake that just takes time off because I felt like it. I'm also considering taking off a day every two months (that's planned in advance) as a mental health day.

So, work, is going.....okay. Divorce is going horrible. But life in general, especially after my time off work, is going pretty good.

If I can figure out a solution to my computer at home...maybe I'll get back into blogging...I've been living some Montreal adventures that I'd like to blog about....and...I miss writing.

That's all for now!


  1. Hi Nicole, When you come home for Christmas you can have my laptop and my tablet because I' m going to cancel my internet. We love your blog.Don't stop writing.

    1. I agree. do not stop blogging. We all think about you, and we all wish you the best future, ever!

  2. Please do not stop blogging...

  3. Please, do not stop blogging... :)

  4. Please don't stop blogging, you are an incredible writer!
    To share such amazing stories, thoughts and feelings in the way you do is truly a gift.
    Please don't stop <3


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