Finance Party

Today if one Googled "Finance" and "Party" it would most likely result in 90238402193480239480293402398 items about last night's financial election....except I'm talking about the Finance Party that I've been having these last few months. 

Moving, divorce, lawyer, vacation, family emergency, time off books are a mess.  

I have to re-learn to budget.

Minimal savings, small amount of credit card debt (that seems ENORMOUS to me), and locked into a lease that...well, that I can't really afford. 

So, with my little debt, my passion for takeout coffee, my habit of buying impractical clothing online & then returning 90% of it (free shipping but ties up funds none the less), my desire to build my Rainy Day fund, learn more about my investment account funds that I don't currently even see as "mine" and couldn't tell you what the annual rate of return was, an investment condo in Edmonton that will require improvements in 2016, I've committed myself to learn how to manage my money.

I am Gail Van Oaxleing myself. (Click on link if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t watched her kick horrendeously irresponsible people’s ass into financial shape!)

I have a list of Ides of October goals, spilling into a list of November goals. I will learn to be worry-free with money but to do so I need to EDUCATE MYSELF…hopefully finding some helpful articles to add to my blog.