One week later

One week later, this is how my house looks.

It's an evolving improvement....hard to believe.

My bedroom is bare save from my bed (sprayed with the peroxide solution many times), my bed frame, a sheet, a sleeping bag (that was tucked away in storage and barely smells), a toy that Maggie cuddles to go to sleep (for some reason she wants to sleep with me...I doubt this will last very long...she prefers her cage), a couch cushion, and a towel for me to cuddle...because...I need something to cuddle.

The laundry is progressing...but slowly because often a wash requires repeating multiple times to get out the strong scent. I was going to go to a laundromat...but with work and my lower energy level...I haven't.

I'm constantly trying to make it look like an organized mess...but am failing. By the weekend, I will have some major progress achieved.

I am so thankful for my neighbors, who found a YouTube video on how to get the skunk unstuck. I am so thankful for the little dog. I am so thankful that the big boss is left and it seems that my job is quasi safe. And tonight and tomorrow, I'm so thankful for the crazy rain that will help to get rid of the smell. I wash the exterior with the peroxide solution again & again...but the smell stays. I'm certain the rain will help.

Tonight I'm really looking forward to my workout....I haven't had a workout since LAST Monday & my brain & body are feeling it.

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