Post Skunk Meltdown

But, my web friends, this whole thing has made me very overwhelmed, and very lonely.

I wish I had…a husband to help…a partner around…to help me take care of things. I think I’ve done a really good job adjusting to the single life, to living alone, to moving to a new area, but…this weekend, I was by myself the entire weekend – NOT by choice, and it stung. A lot. A friend came by on Sunday for some moral support, thankfully….but I can’t help but think that if I was in alberta, I’d have a group of people helping me out.

My job is unstable; it’s a contractor (and not permanent) position – meaning no benefits, etc; I have friends but they are new and….not like the old; and I’m massively homesick. But…I don’t feel ready to hang in the towel.

I sat in my shrink’s office a week and a half ago telling him that finally – I’m liking my little life with my little cozy place, my little dog, my commute to work, and I felt like I could handle anything. If I lost my job, I would find something else more permanent, otherwise, everything was fantastic.

Then the skunk came. Then I tried to get rid of the skunk with NO results. Thankfully my neighbors were around to help me remove the skunk.

This morning I was reminded about snow tires. Last year, my husband took care of that. Or should I say, my soon-to-be-ex-husband.

I’ve handled the divorce pretty well. My heart…was broken. Is broken. My life….is new. The move (like EVERY SINGLE MOVE IN THE WORLD) was/is stressful. Divorcing is stressful.

Today, now that the skunk situation is under control, I am a basket of anxiety, even to the point of worrying that Maggie has choked on her dog treat and may be dead. Like, my brain needs a rest and is obviously very overworked from the last 5 days. (Yes, I’ve called my shrink to tell him that I think Maggie has choked on her treat and may be dead. He thinks that I’m way, way, way to anxious right now. Thankfully, phone calls are free).

I know that I need to think past today, past tomorrow, past next week, to a time when my house will be de-skunked, my life will turn back to normal, and Maggie will live in a safe-treat environment…

But for right now, I kind of just want to go and get Maggie, pack a bag and move back to Alberta. (Which would cause a host of issues as I'm locked into a lease until June, I have my car here, I wouldn't have a job, my divorce proceedings would be more complicated, I would probably go crazy trying to adjust to Western Canada life again....etc). 

As a side note....I think I should dress up like a skunk for Halloween.


  1. The definition of humour is tragedy plus time; sooner or later everything is funny. You're doing great!


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