Round 1 -> SKUNK 1: ME: 0

Somehow, I have managed to only shed…maybe 32 tears in the last 48 hours.

Wednesday evening, I went to bed and went to close my bedroom window. My bedroom is ground level. I was greeted by a cute little skunk, who, earlier had been making some weird noises that sounded like someone was trying to get in. What I know now, after two extraordinary long days, is that he was stuck in my window well, he cannot see very well (as with all skunks), and he was trying to get out.

Now – here’s the part I haven’t shared with the Facebook world – when I saw him, I thought that the easiest thing to get rid of him and make him go away would be to make the environment very uncomfortable, so I went and got a bucket of water and threw it out of the window through the screen. This, was the stupidest thing that I have done in a very, very long time, and, I haven’t told a single person (which is why it makes sense to tell you all now).

Because after I threw the water, I was met with the most intense smell of my life. It burned my eyes. It made me nauseous. It gave me a headache. I thought it would ok, I would sleep on the chair (it’s nearly a loveseat size). I closed the bedroom door, put a towel under the door and thought, Oh geez. I certainly am not the smartest person in the world. And tried to go to sleep.

The smell was overwhelming. It took over my body. I was half asleep by the time I had tried to go to bed and threw the water on the skunk….so I was totally out of it. I started looking at hotels online. Ten minutes later, I thought, What the hell am I doing? My friend Alexandra lives about 7 minutes’ drive from me and she loves Maggie. I grabbed some clothes for work, the stuff for the dog, and threw it outside. I walked to pick up my car (with the dog….I wanted her as far away from the house as possible), went back to pick up my the stuff and drove to Alex’s. I had a shower, she took care of me and washed my clothes, made a bed for me…and I had a shower, tried not to freak out…

I searched on the internet and found an emergency number. He told me to call my insurance company and to boil vanilla and water and expect that the smell would last around 6 weeks.



So happy that I had that bright idea to chuck the water out the window. I think that most 4 year olds would know better. In my defense, it was stuck there, and it would have sprayed at some point because it was stuck and trying to get into my house…but yeah…I’m not so proud of myself there.

Also, while at first I found it comical (until my eyes started to burn when I was OUTSIDE of the house), I started to get really, really discouraged. Although I think that my overall happiness has improved since my divorce (or separation….I can’t wait until I can say that I’m finally divorced….), I’ve….kind of been….on the verge of falling apart. I mean, I took 7 days off of work to try to help myself manage my stress, and it totally helped… but…my energy and patience for climbing obstacles…even a skunk spray…is weaning.

I went to bed on Wednesday – my biggest problem was that I need to talk with my dog walker because Maggie is becoming obsessed with the idea of having a (organic, non-allergenic) dog treat (the first time in her life she had a dog treat was at 7 years old). I was warm. I had a house that was finally….feeling mine. I had a plan to better deal with my finances, I had been eating really well – was excited to have my weekly weigh in the next morning, all was good. Then the skunk. And the drama continues…and I’ll write more about it…but I just felt…like, What have I seriously done wrong in my life that I end up with this shit? I’m a big believer in that we get what we manifest… you think you’ll get the worst – you’ll probably get the worst. You think that you’ll never get xyz goal – you’ll probably never get xyz goal. And with all the work that I’ve done on myself in the last year…two years…can I get break?

But last night I had to seriously think about it. I’ve been in Montreal (not counting Ste Therese), since July of this year. I have friends and neighbors that are so caring that they totally took me in and took care of me, helping me with the skunk and just…well, keeping me sane. I’m sleeping in a non-stinky bed, in a warm apartment, with my dog. Alexandra is concerned about feeding me, she even made soup last night. I’ll be staying there a for a few more days…until the stink is bearable… and I’ll post more updates…

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