Dear Anonymous,

I rarely get comments on my blog. I check Google Analytics and see that I have a few readers still lurking...why I'm not too sure, but that's another subject.

Last week I got a comment that made me..a little annoyed.

"Single people, young women in particular, usually have a circle of friends (real friends, not virtual friends) that make their lives more joyous.

Also, a companionship, rather than a relationship with another person, creates a reliable partner to help out when needed, e.g., winter tires, repairs, etc. of which you can return the favor with things like lunches, dog-sitting, car rides, etc. (things of a non-sexual nature). 

Follow your heart, dear."

First off...single people usually have a circle of non virtual friends? Ha! I'll admit, I am lucky enough to have a circle of amazing friends. They live in various parts of the country. Not within driving distance. Since moving here, I've made a few friends through work & over the winter I plan on taking up a few activities where I hope to meet people, but come on!

As far as the non virtual...not sure where you're going with that one....but finding a real friend is difficult never mind a circle of them! Meeting people is difficult. There are dating website, singles events....but I've yet to find a reliable, easy way to meet people! Never mind a real friend. Maybe there is a website,

And finding a companion to repay with things of a nonsexual nature? Does that mean I have to stop paying my dog walker in blow jobs?
Ok, ok, sorry if you just spit out whatever you were drinking...but seriously. Thank you for clarifying that I shouldn't whore myself out in pursuit of someone to help me with the day-to-day things that I'm a bit overwhelmed with at the moment.

While I would love to find this line up of "companion" material people, waiting to change my tires or fix my turn to have their lunches paid for or dog's much easier said than done. I can ask a friend for help, but 90% (or more) of single men aren't looking to be a Mr Fix It out of the kindness of their hearts. And nearly 100% of non-single men would have their spouse question their behaviour if they started randomly helping out a single lady from work.

While I'm sure your intent wasn't to offend, Mr or Mrs Anonymous....I think you have a fairly skewed vision of real life.

If you have a close circle of friends and someone to help you out that isn't a non-virtual person who expects to be paid in sexual favours, consider yourself very fortunate.

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