It ain't that bad...

Yesterday, I had the day off today because Maggie was supposed to get her teeth cleaned (which requires general anesthesia) but after the insane week I had, I decided to postpone it. So happy I did, because my boss gave me the day off anyway, so I got to recharge my batteries a bit, visit with a friend, walk Maggie a lot, and walk Maggie's frenemy, Pitu. Pitu is a chill anglophone and Maggie is an francophone true and they tolerate each other...but will never be friends.

Despite what you may think, it wasn't a day of sadness. It's a kick to my ego, it's hurtful because I had asked several times and been misled, but in the end, I am but a number in a company. The next two weeks (or slightly more, depending) will pass regardless, so I want to do my best to ensure a smooth transition. I will leave the company with my head held high, because it was never the right fit for me, but I had to pay my Montreal dues, and with everything in my life I wasn't ready for any kind of change, I met some great people, and got back on my feet again.

I can't say much yet, but I had already started to look around, and I'm interested to see how the next few weeks pan out. Worst case, I ride the unemployment train for a bit.

I don't like being without work, but I don't like the constant secrecy and instability that I had been living with the last few months.

I'm movin' on.

Until then, I look forward to my last day, what will become or materialise in the next month or so.

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