Little Dog Advice

Although I had a dog when I was younger, I'm clueless with Maggie.

Since #skunkgate2015 the dog goes crazy in the mornings....thinking that I'm leaving her forever. She follows me around & gives me her best neglected dog face....

Today I'm trying a mini-kong with natural, organic PB (spoiled mutt) the recommendation of many. Maggie NEVER gets any human food, eats "hypoallergenic" dog food (spoiled mutt but it has also changed her from a snot covered mutt sneezing in your face non-stop), and had her first ever treat this year at the age of 7.5 (freeze dried beef liver).

I'm not sure if she's smart enough to figure this thing out (she licked it...then looked at me like, Well what the hell do you want me to do with this now?!) & I'm not sure PB is the best thing for tiny dogs...

Short story long...anyone have any recommendations for a "distraction treat"?

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