Lonely Weekend

Kinda gping crazy this weekend. I think since most of my time is spent alone on the weekends, I have the t.v. on for background noise. My internet/cable has been out since Thursday...so finally I found a place that rents dvds (I was surprised to find out this was even a thing still!!) and am curled up watching some tv series for the night.

But in general, my weekend was pretty lame. I used to have a gal pal that would spend at least one weekend day with me, but she's been sucked into the, "I'm in love and drop off the face of the earth on the weekends because my boyfriend is so great" mentality that I'm REALLY starting to lose my patience with.

Add in divorce talks, that will never go smoothly. And the scale drama, that I need to get into one day and I keep putting off. In short, until I have the time or balls really to elaborate, I'm on medication that effects my weight...and it's very frustrating. I've spoken to my doctors, I've researched online to come to the conclusion that while temporary, this weight ain't going anywhere. I continue to have my health monitored and blood tested...hopefully in the new year my body will have healed enough so that I can stop this medication....but until then, I'm packing on an extra 40lbs that is making me pretty uncomfortable. It's still nice that I'm in great shape and workout and am healthy...but the weight is getting me down. I'm working to make it less important in my life, but it's a struggle.

This may be my last week of work. I might stay a little longer to help out but I really don't know. Right now I'm looking for a clean break so I'm just kinda going with the flow. My department is beimg outsourced to India in 6 months time (what I had predicted) and I've had lots of positive feedback about interviews...so let's just hope this is a blessing in disguise.

Of course keeping my spirits up is my little dog. She's always funny, demanding, annoying, cuddly, goofy, and energetic and her presence helps me a lot.

Today we went to "Doggy Cafe" where rich people or eccentric people bring their dogs to have a coffee or a meal while your dog plays with the other dogs that freely roam the restaurant. I was more interested in Mag's reaction thsn anything. Once she gets comfortable, she kind of runs the show and is an attention suck playing cute for anyone that will notice. She climbs under chairs and through tight spaces to say hello to every human, even the little ones. This makes me even more convinced that she'd make a great therapy dog to bring to extended care facilities and that during my time off, I should really invest some time into finding out more about this.

Thankfully the lonely weekend is almost over and I have a busy weekend planned next week, so I'll get out of my funk.

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