Things that stress me

  1. Extremly messy house due to skunk invasion, requiring many hours (days/weeks) of cleaning and organizing
  2. Lack of job stability
  3. Weight
  4. My new hair cut
  5. Not finding a mate to spend the rest of my life with
  6. My current shoe situation
  7. Having a car
  8. My finances
  9. The dog

Extremely messy house
I'm not sure if this will ever go away. Once Skunkgate is over and everything has returned back to it's "normal" state, I have to get things from my storage unit and start to sell them. I'm keeping my bed and bed frame...but for the rest, the furniture is VERY big and oversized...and I don't think I'll ever have room for them. If I do, I'll keep them at my house, but my house will then look rather cluttered until my lease is over (June 2015).

It seems that things change weekly for my job status. I'm a good worker, I get good reviews, but I don't ever know what will be outsourced to different countries, and things aren't very upfront. It's more of a, "Oh, sorry, we're letting you go" and a few weeks' notice. Some people have been given their notice, but they can't find anyone to take over their they stay on week to week. The morale is....stressful.

I'm on medication (that will be revisited in December) that makes it virtually impossible to lose weight. I have done soooooooo much research on this....but I'm 17 lbs heavier than I was this time last year. And last year I gained around 20lbs because I started the medication. I'm all for being healthy....but carrying an extra frustrating especially since I eat relatively well and workout LOTS with varied workouts. I'm not saying I'm a perfect eater...but for my activity level....I shouldn't be the size that I am. I've spoken to this to two doctors who both say that the 40lbs should be counted as a blessing, because some people can gain double or triple this. So....I have to be patient and keep doing the exercise that I like doing and make sure I eat my veggies. And dark chocolate every day. And the odd Bridge Mixture binge the odd time.

OMG, it's been years since I've hated my haircut so much. Basically, I went to the salon, told her I wanted a change, she gave me a change...but in the meantime I drank 2 glasses of sangria. Which, on an empty stomach and a sleepless night the night before, resulted in me getting tanked and having hicccups the entire time that my hair was being cut.

Shoe situation
Is it winter? Is it summer? What size are my feet? I have been wearing shoes that are one size too big, stuffed with toilet paper because the shoes that I ordered over a year ago were too big. The other pair I wear have worn out heals so if I'm not on carpet I sound like a horse and buggy coming down the road. (I just Googled a shoe repairman near here)

Man. Can someone just come to my house and put on my new tires for winter, clean my car, and oh, yeah - get me a parking pass so that I quit getting tickets? Figuring out the parking signs in Montreal is next to impossible, which results in many, many parking tickets. Once I get a sticker from the city (which involves taking the bus, during business hours, with a hundred different documents for proof of residency and that the car is mine), I will have more options. But I procrastinate like a mo-fo.

Moving is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. I'm also renting a place beyond my budget. I didn't factor in my storage/heating/other costs...that seem to add up at an alarming rate. I'm trying to make a budget, but days where I feel exhausted or burnt out, seem to lend themselves to me stopping and getting a $5 coffee...which adds up fast. I don't eat out at restaurants, but I will buy food to take home...and it's adding up. Even my grocery bills seem excessive. I need Gail Van Oxaley to come and do me up a budget.

The Dog
The dog is expensive. The dog has allergies and requires hypoallergenic food or else she snots all over the place. The dog needs a dog walker to wear her out during the day (2 days a week anyway) or else she gets anxious and acts like an idiot. She currently has "forgotten" how to go up the stairs. She can climb very steep stairs - but the 2 stairs to my bedroom? Impossible. She tries soooo hard, but gets "stuck" and can't figure out how to put one foot in front of the other.

I bought her a "kong" and filled it with peanut butter because she gets crazy about 30 minutes before I leave in the morning and follows me around so closely that I often step on her. ONLY DOG IN THE WORLD that doesn't like the peanut butter/kong thing. She just looks at me like, Dude, the peanut butter is on the INSIDE. Get it out for me.

Also, next week she's getting her teeth cleaned which requires general anesthetic. THIS MAKES ME FREAK OUT. It seems like 2015 has been one shit storm after another, so I'm just waiting to get the call that she died on the table. Sickening I know, but that's the truth...

That's it. No point. Other than to vent. This week my anxiety has been through the roof. Which works out well for my workouts.

Hopefully....there will be some calm on the weekend.

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