Almost over

I should be out for drinks....celebrating.

I spent most of the day in bed or on the couch.

I'm in the process of finally signing my separation agreement....and it's one of the most upsetting processes. Legal jargon, in French, going back and fourth, my lawyer trying to protect me, his lawyer trying to protect him, both of us offended and hurt at the wording used in a four page document agreeing to end our marriage....

I should be elated....I have an incredible job and opportunity....and I feel like a truck ran over me multiple times. I have a chocolate bar in my bag and I haven't eaten it. It's that serious.

My wedding day was truly, the best wedding I've ever been to. It was fun and exciting and I was nervous and elated was a fairytale. My family wasn't there as we were in Madagascar, my ex planned most of it because it required a lot of connections and bribing of officials to get the documents we needed....we left the country the next day to avoid a level 5 cyclone....we spent a few days holed up in Paris before we went to Dubai....

All for nothing. Apparently we didn't end things because we didn't love each other, we ended things because we were a mismatched couple....but isn't every couple mismatched? Isn't that why we get married....and agree to be with each other through thick and through sickness and in health? I don't have the answers.

The man I married....a stranger. Certainly he'll say the same about me.

Hopefully on Monday I'll sign the final version of the separation agreement. Our separation date has been moved to January 1st, 2015, so three to six months into 2016....I'll receive divorce papers to sign, and the two strangers that were once married never have to see or hear from the other ever again.


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  1. Oh My Darling, That's so sad. Hang in there. Love G.g.