Christmas in the park, part III

Not too much was going on tonight but I walk arpund with Mags and she goes exploring. She found her boyfriend, Mr. Sheep (seriously, it's non stop with her & the sheep).
 I tried to be artistic & get a Christmas photo before she goes to the groomers and looks like a rat...but there's too much action & I have a little attention queen on my hands.
Years ago, Maggie was scared of every noises (a fart would make her jump) and now she's Miss Plateau, owning the neighbourhood, greeting dogs in the appropriate manner (instead of barking like a fool), making the rounds when there is a group of people, and patiently sitting and staying until I give her the ok to cross the street. Sometimes she sits facing backwards because she still doesn't understand why she has to sit & stay....but I'm not complaining.

(I'm sure one day I'll blog less about my dog...but for the moment, she's a huge sorce of positivity in a difficult expect more Maggie the next dew weeks).

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