Leaving on a jetplane

And it's off to spend Christmas with most of my family.

As I type this Maggie is underneath the seat in front of me on the airplane...almost not freaking out...so far...okay...

I was really hoping to have my separation papers signed before I left...but my lawyer is ignoring me (not the first time), pissing both me and my ex off BIGTIME. Yes it's just a signature and it probably wouldn't have been seen by a judge until after the new year anyway....but I wanted it dealt with.

However....I have many other reasons to be thankful. I have an exciting new job to come back to and this will let me truly relax this vacation. I haven't been happy at work for a long time....and it's very exciting to look forward to this new challenge.

I also have many people in my life that have helped me get through this extremely challenging year. I honestly never knew I could get through so much....and I'm happy to put the bad parts of this year behind me.

See you soon Etown.

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