Maggie has had quite the adventure in the wild, wild west. She won't be coming back with me...the flight here was wayyyyyyyyy too crazy for her. But she's been everybody's buddy (especially my grandma's cat...and Maggie has the bloody ear to prove it).

 Sleeping after staying up all night partying...
 Squished in my bag because she was freaking out when things got really noisy.
 Spoiled at Christmas with booties (that are a freaking lifesaver in winter), a new sweater, and a whack of toys.
 Playing in the's a little boring here.
 And most importantly getting into absolutely everything.

Happy to have her along with me during this...interesting time. <3


  1. What she is not coming back home with you? What's up? How are you going to do without your little buddy?

  2. She won't be coming back to visit Edmonton...