My last Christmas wish was for peace and calm after a very hectic year. A year that was too much for me....for anyone really.

Tonight, I'm beginning to feel that peace and calm. At work I was barely able to keep me eyes open...wondering how I would get through the day.

I walked around and said my goodbyes...and was truly moved by the sincerity and emotions I received.

I walked out of the building...with so much energy that I was ready to dance.

I had a couple of hours before I met up with a friend for a drink...and I even had the energy to go shopping, which is one of my least favorite activities, while carrying two huge bags of shoes and other work supplies.

Even more shocking....I found a pair of jeans that are amazing in color and fit...
This is nearly a unicorn-sighting experience for me....jean shopping usually involves frustrated sales staff refolding dozens of pairs of jeans that aren't quite right based on imaginary variables in my head.

I stopped on a park bench, ate a yogurt, met up with my friend and we found a pub where I enjoyed his company and a gingerale. This friend is of the romantic nature...but I'm keeping things pretty casual...since officially I'm still married and unofficially my heart isn't ready for big relationship steps.

We walked to the subway together, I'll stop off and get a piece of pizza on the way home, walk the dog, fall asleep on the sofa....

Very peaceful indeed.

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