Weekend Activities

I hate that every weekend ends up being alone.
I still haven't made a group of dependable friendships...I feel like every weekend I get my feelings hurt asking my Montreal "best friend" to do something....when I know she has plans with her new boyfriend.
It's nearly 7pm...I'm laying in the dark...in bed. I decided I was in too foul of a mood and put myself to bed.
Instead...now....I'm going to force myself to put on my warm clothes and walk to the park for this Christmas activity...
Yes I could invite my man friend...but I'm still trying to keep my distance while my heart mends.
Maggie has to be walked...so...here goes nothing. Worst case...I turn around.

Edited: Maggie & I went. I teared up a bit. But it was nice, Mags was chill, & at least I tried. 

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