Le sick

One word description of 2016: sick.

I spent New Year's Eve recovering from the 24 hour stomach flu....only to be hit a few days later with strep throat. I waited probably a day too long to get antibiotics and it's taking forever to come back to my normal self.

I had a list of pre-new-job errands to do...which now have been cut down to the absolute minimum....since I spend 95% of the day recovering and resting. Tomorrow marks one week since I started on these antibiotics, so it's all normal...but frustrating none the less.

Poor Maggie travelled verrrrryyyyyyy badly....she's not destined for air travel (but I think she would have been fine if she could have been let out of her cage) and she's still recovering....she's acting kind of sick...and she's going to the vet on Saturday to see what's up. Crossing my fingers that it's just a clueless owner and not something else. Poor dog is supposed to have her teeth cleaned since November but I'm paranoid about her going under anesthesia...she's seriously my goofiness and joy some days...I can't be worrying about her!!!

In Alberta I was lucky to spend a bit of time with family and 3 different friends and their families....but I think I missed about 5 or 6 people and their families that I feel like I ALWAYS miss whenever I visit.

Certainly this trip I wasn't myself. Christmas and New Year's without my....ex-family for lack of a better term was pretty rough. I hated the memories that typically come up around this time of year...I hated that we're not even speaking to one another (which is probably best for both parties)...and I certainly mourned the dreams and hopes that I had. It's part of the process, although a confusing one because I know I am better single...but there were good times mixed in with the bad...and someone I committed to spend the rest of my life with....is a stranger to me now. It's a fact that takes a long time to get used to.

Another....weight on my shoulders was that this is the first year without my grandpa. I knew it would be weird...I knew it would be sad...but I didn't know how I'd deal with it. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would...but I think I tried not to think about it....and I think that for awhile, I'm going to continue to do so. I'll still miss him like usual, but I'm not yet ready to process that he's gone. I'll get there...but it will take some time for my brain to come to terms with reality...or maybe for my heart to match up with my brain. Grief is an odd process...no one knows how it will effect you or when it will catch you...

Today marks the first day that I've been able to leave the house for any significant amount of time and it's to get my hair done. I've barely been able to eat or shower or house clean....but I will have enough energy to have pretty hair for my new job!!!

Hopefully I'll have some snapshots to post of a fun weekend....I'm hoping to see some Montreal friends!!!! Just need to get healthy enough to get out!!!!!!


  1. You were getting rid of the bad shit of 2015, so you were ready for 2016!!!
    Knock 'em dead this year!!!!


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