Love those well-timed emails....

I receive daily or weekly emails from one of my favorite blogs,

They're not explaining some complicated rocket-science theory, but they write gentle reminders about every day things. Today I received an email with the subject:

5 Ways to Find Peace of Mind in Tough Times

Well, thank you for the perfect timing. Even this morning as I rode the bus....I couldn't stop thinking about the last few weeks...wondering just what will happen and what is so wrong with ME that this would happen. The email snapped me out of it.

So read away:

5 Ways to Find Peace of Mind in Tough Times

1. See the difference between who YOU are and what you’re going through.

You are more than whatever is troubling you. A very real part of you exists beyond your worries, beyond your doubts, independent from the troubles and frustrations of the present moment. Step back and observe yourself as you experience each moment. Be present. Watch yourself as you think, as you take action, as you experience emotions. Your body may experience pain, and yet that pain is not you. Your mind may encounter troubles, and yet you are not those troubles. (from the “Adversity” chapter of our book)

2. Open up to someone you trust.
You aren’t alone. Let someone special in when you’re in a dark place. You know who this person is. Don’t expect them to solve your problems; just allow them to face your problems with you. Give them permission to stand beside you. They won’t necessarily be able to pull you out of the dark place you’re in, but the light that spills in when they enter will at least show you which way the door is.

Again, the important thing I can’t stress enough is to remember is that you are NOT alone (there is always someone to talk to.

3. Ease your expectations and be present with life’s lessons.

Life is under no obligation to give you exactly what you expect. Whatever it is you’re seeking will rarely ever come in the form you’re expecting. Don’t miss the silver lining because you were expecting gold.

Mistakes and setbacks (and even losses) are simply a form of practice.

You must see and accept things as they are instead of as you hoped, wished, or expected them to be. Just because it didn’t turn out like you had envisioned, doesn’t mean it isn’t teaching you exactly what you need to know to get to where you ultimately want to go.

4. Move TOWARDS something instead of AWAY.

“Don’t think about eating that chocolate cookie!” What are you thinking about now? Eating that chocolate cookie, right? When you concentrate on not thinking about something, you end up thinking about it.

The same philosophy holds true when it comes to freeing your mind from a negative past. By persistently trying to move away from what you don’t want, you are forced to think about it so much that you end up carrying it’s weight along with you. But if you instead choose to focus your energy on moving toward something you do want, you naturally leave the negative weight behind as you progress forward.

Bottom line: Instead of concentrating on eliminating the negative, concentrate on creating something positive.

5. Give yourself time.

Take all the time you need. Emotional healing is a process; don’t rush yourself through it. Don’t let others force you through it either. Moving on doesn’t take a day; it takes lots of little steps to be able to break free of your broken past and your wounded self.


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