I'm stuck in a rut....maybe it's the winter blues...maybe it's dealing with a divorce + starting a new job + another stressful situation + the weather.

I love the new job. What was going to be a research project for a new employee (me) is turning out to be a complex audit they said couldn't be done, with me as, 'Audit in Charge'. I love the confusion, the huge amounts of data and new information to process, and learning a new company.

There's one glitch I haven't figured out how to write about or deal with (yes, it's the Subway Stress post)...

There's also the fact that my ex husband and I are in no-speaking/no-contact agreement (which makes me far more sane and happy....but it's a kick for sure for things to have come to this point).

And my Special Person sometimes creates more uncertainty in my life than not. Another ball to juggle....when I could just stay single...and not have an extra person to care about.

I'm certainly seeing the glass half empty the last week or so....

Hopefully I can figure a way out of this....funk.

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