I've written a little bit about my Special Person...

We met quite awhile back....have little in common....but somehow managed to form a pretty strong bond.

I'm not ready or...willing to have what most people would call, a "full time boyfriend". But...I'm ready to spend some of my time with someone that I care deeply about, while I work out some stuff on my own. Luckily (I guess?), Special Person has some pretty major responsibilities right now that take up a lot of his it works.

We didn't really discuss Valentine's Day, and it's not really a big deal for either of us....but I wanted to give him a little gift.

Since I've been back from my trip from Alberta, I've been really sick on and off and he's been RIDICULOUSLY busy, making us both want to stay in bed....and share tea and toast.

Things won't always be so hectic and thankfully I got better....but I still dream about a day of "tea and toast".

I tried to find a "tea and toast" keychain online....but surprisingly found nothing.

So today I got a little creative. Like most of my craft looked much better in my head than in actuality....and this is no exception....but I think the silly thought will be appreciated.

Introducing, Mr. Toast and Miss Tea.

And to keeping things very simple.

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