The dates

I managed pretty well to not notice as February 11th and 12th past.

Five years ago, on the 11th, I was getting married.

Five years ago on the 12th, I was landing in Paris with Louis.

But only TWO years ago today, Louis proposed....while we were in Edmonton, with a giant freaking sapphire from Madagascar....and we recommitted deciding that we were worth another go and that this time we'd do it right.

One year ago, on February 11th, we were out for dinner, celebrating our anniversary. It was a very tense and not very happy memory...which makes me all the more sad.

I'm happier now that we're apart...but some days...the memories of the bad times are worse than the memories of the good.

I hope and pray that he's doing well. We failed at marriage and we failed at an amicable divorce...

I know these are temporary feelings....that tomorrow is a new day...but for today...well, it sucks.


  1. I got married on Valentine's Day (1991). It lasted almost 10 years, then ended badly. So, following that dark period I did not welcome Valentine's Day. I just chose to forget it. Now, however, it's all just a memory; an experience that made me who I am today. And I suppose, it made her who she is today, also.

    Maybe there is a purpose to everything...

  2. It's all part of grieving something lost, thus too will become a fond memory without the hurt
    Love mom


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