100% Survival Rate

So far, I have 100% survival rate of getting through a bad day, a challenging week, or a rough year.
I can get through anything.

Today I received some pretty darn exciting news. I can start the credit check for my apartment (the one that I didn't think I'd get) on Sunday. (If I so choose. I just need one last visit...).

I can tell you that I've already drawn out the floor plan and decided what is going where and how things will work. But...it's a big move and I need to be sure, so it's worth not rushing.

Take that Sucky Easter.

I've also booked a NINETY minute massage at a fancy Nordic bath place. (Why these are so common in Quebec, I do not know). And I'm checking Uber to see how much it would cost to be driven home after I'm beaten into relaxation. Treat yo self.

And then I checked my other email account. Just to check if my ex emailed me. Telling me how hard this season is for him too. He didn't.

That's a good thing.

So really....I'm coming up to a long weekend. Some chocolate. A massage. And a photo session with my potential (probable) new apartment.

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