Apartment Season

This weekend kicked off my official apartment hunting season.

I've been living in a place with most of the owner's furnishing...and I'm finally ready to find a place of my own. My own home.

I cannot describe the feeling I had when I was in Alberta this Christmas...but I just felt that it wasn't my place. I felt more at home in Montreal. It's very weird because I don't have many friends here, I miss my family in Alberta...but...something just feels right here. For now.

If anything Madagascar taught me that you make your home wherever you want...and for now, I guess this is where I want.

Today, very out of the blue, I found THE place that I want. I didn't think it would be the one...I kind of just went just to go and visit different types. But...it felt so me. I felt like I wanted to move in tonight.

It's a very old building that's been restored (like 99% of all buildings here) and is a 3 floor walkup that has...4 maybe 5 units (like the one I'm in now). I loved the property managers, a husband & wife team, and the current renters are moving one floor below me because they have a baby and they wanted a lower unit. So I'm on the top floor (something I said I DIDN'T want) but it's just soooooooooo cute!!!!

It's not as walk-friendly as where I currently live, but pretty darn close. It doesn't have all the cute shops and isn't in the cutesy area like this one....so what that basically means is I can afford it!

I hope to go back again tomorrow and take another quick look....and cross your fingers, I'll have my apartment all signed off to move July 1st!!!


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