Easter sucks (except the bible part...)

Easter 2010 – I was in Madagascar, missing my family, missing Canada, and missing Cadbury’s Crème eggs. It’s all I wanted. I wouldn’t be able to have them….until who knows when. I made a few posts about missing them on Facebook, and so casually, like it was no big deal, my ex gave me a HUGE bag of mini-eggs and Cadbury eggs while we were at a party near the pool. It caused a bit of tension because I was dating someone else at the time who had gone to a fair bit of effort to make me the best Easter basket one can make in Madagascar….and here this guy randomly drops off a grocery bag filled to the brim of the one thing I had been dying for.


We started dating not too much after that.


Easter was always a little reminder of that small gesture that ended up being a such a big one. He would surprise me randomly with those eggs….one after I had a bad day or one carefully laid out on our bed.


Last Easter was the last holiday we spent together as a “family”. At the time, I thought it was my family for life – despite our marriage difficulties….so it only makes sense that I’m finding this week incredibly difficult.


Also, no matter how hard I try, I can’t remember last Easter. I know we were all together. I know there was chocolate involved for the four of us. But I also remember feeling very, very sad and needing to get away. I came to work on Good Friday even though I had the day off. All I remember is crying at my desk, in the unlit office as there was almost no one there. The drive to/from work and the couple of hours I spent there was enough to help me feel ok, and I went home, hoping to feel better.


I can’t remember what happened next.


I’ve thought about doing something special with others this weekend so that I don’t feel alone or lonely. But it’s just not in me. I don’t have the heart to make any kind of arrangements and I don’t feel like doing anything. I’ve decided to try and book a massage at a cool place that has thermal baths (it seems to be a big thing here….), eat a big of chocolate, hang out with Maggie, and wait until this stupid long weekend is over.

Oh - and apartment hunt because I didn't hear back about my dream place.

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Did you know there was a Cadbury Crème Egg Cafe in London? They also have a Facebook page.


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