Saturday Night Live

Saturday night.

I'm at home. By myself. Kinda lonely. Kinda feeling sorry for myself. Kinda having an identity crisis.

When I was in my twenties, I was quite social and usually...the life of the party. Every Friday and Saturday night, I'd be out with friends, dancing, meeting people, drinking, being a total goof. Most of the people that knew me then think that I'm different now...and they miss the old Nicole.

What they didn't know then was that I was always so outgoing, so over-the-top, so much fun, because I was trying to escape how crappy I felt inside.

Now they know me as a more quiet, more serious, and less goofy of a person. I still have the same offbeat sense of humor, but it's less likely to present itself...because I can't hide from how crappy I feel & kind of have a lot on my plate.

I've been working pretty hard (ok RIDICULOUSLY hard) the last two years or so to feel less crappy; to be at peace with my emotions and myself; and to try to be less harsh and judgemental of myself and others. And I don't know who I am anymore.

Given the right circumstances, I'd love to go out dancing, but the drinking has long lost it's appeal. Headaches and sick stomachs after only a couple cocktails...has kind of ruined it for me. I love the interesting and intricate drinks that some of the upscale bars make....but I hate the way I feel the next morning. Maybe it's because I don't drink very often....or maybe it's just not my thing anymore.

The true friends that I still keep accept the calmer....more docile me...but I get the occasion comment now and again that I'm not like how I used to be. No one likes change....myself included.

While I can learn to accept these changes....I don't who know I am anymore. Am I the world traveler? Am I the homebody? Am I the one without any friends because I don't "go out" like I used to? Am I the bitter divorcée never wanting to fall in love again? Am I ruled by anxiety? Or maybe just an introvert?

I wish I had the answers.

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  1. I hope you figure it out. If you do, and you post it, you'll get a billion Followers...

    PS: Life has just 3 rules:

    1) Paradox: Life is a mystery; do not waste time trying to figure it out.

    2) Humor: Keep a sense of humor, especially about yourself; it is a strength beyond all measure.

    3) Change: Know that nothing ever stays the same.