The *hopeful* new place

Yesterday I went and saw **my new** apartment.

It's gorgeous.

Ok, beauty may lie in the eye of the beholder - but I think it's gorgeous. It's very old, with high ceilings, restored wooden floors, a winding staircase (con) up to the first level and then another staircase behind a locked door.

As you walk up 2 staircases (one scary winding and one just very steep), you enter the very large entryway/hallway. I'll have to buy a cute bench and some storage shelves or hanging thing for coats/umbrellas.

The entryway has a long hallway on the right and left sides.

The left side leads to the very long front room, where I'll have my couch/tv/etc, but the room kind of divides itself to have a little workout room on the side. Right now my 'workout room' consists of a laundry basket that I pull out every day. My weights are thrown in the basket and it's not pretty. I'll buy a mat so that my neighbors won't hear me banging around doing burpees and everything will look cute (after awhile....the move will cost me quite a bit....and it will take some time to get things together ;)).

The left side also leads to a fairly good sized second bedroom that I'll use as my spare.

If you take the hallway to the right, you'll get to the washroom, kitchen, and then the master bedroom.

Right now the master is being used as a nursery, but I think it's a little bit better and it also faces the alley instead of the road.

Both the front room and the kitchen have a balcony (or terrace as they are called here) and I'll have room for a tiny BBQ. I miss my BBQ!!) (Another thing to add to the list).

My landloards are soooooo wonderful. They own several properties and I think it's their main business. It was them to told me the "Quebec rules" of rules and coincidentally, there was a segment on the radio this morning that explained the same rules verbatim.

So...I'm waiting on the credit and background check. Then, I'll meet with them and sign away!!!

I can't wait.

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