Signed and sealed

Last night, we celebrated as I signed my lease for my new apartment. Maggie is a little unsure of the staircases....but she'll learn how to climb them.

(And by celebrated, I mean: cook a spaghetti squash, brown some ground turkey, do my workout, and watch an episode of "Big Love", and then head to bed).

I met with one of my landlords (it's a husband and wife team) at a Starbucks that's on my way home from work and she is so so so so nice. It's obvious that they care for their assets and that they also want to cover their bases and ensure that they follow the rental/landlord laws, which I really like. (I've been asking my landlord to fix my toilet for over three weeks. He wants me to fix it myself...I'm not so interested in that...).

I was a bit concerned about my background/credit check. Just think how this sounds:

Well, I moved to Quebec after spending a handful of years working in Africa. But then I moved back to Alberta for a few months. Oh, last place of residence before this one? with my almost-ex-husband. Work history? Oh, a year at my previous job (that I lost) and before that more than a year of unemployment (combined with travel and many other things).

Doesn't sound very stable.

But, they are very understanding, and my credit is good so all went well.

I really appreciated the time that we spent together chatting, because I think it's important to be on good terms with your landlord and neighbors - especially since we live one on top of the other. It's called a triplex - and in Montreal, they are stacked one on top of the other (as opposed to a duplex in Alberta where it would be side-by-side).

My neighbors are a family of three (with a new baby) and two serious students. I'm on the top floor.

I felt so good on my way home, but I also missed the only bus that I know how to take in the area and my phone was dead, so I took a taxi home. The taxi driver was so nice and we spoke about different cultures in Quebec. This is probably one of my favorite subjects that I don't often have a chance to speak about - but it's so interesting to me when I get the chance. The driver was semi-retired, from Haiti, and has been in Montreal for 41 years. It was a very nice ride home.

And still, I have a bit of a...brick that I'm carrying around lately.

While I know that the gesture would be a step backwards for both of us, I want to send an email to my ex. To find out how he's make sure the girls are let him know that I'm taking extra good care of Maggie and that I'm grateful for her EVERY SINGLE day. Multiple times a day. I know that he was called during my background check to confirm my residence...and I'm thankful that he was able to provide the information that they needed. I still worry about him, I still think about him and his family....and I know that we'll never be friends that meet up for coffee....but I can't change the past. I can continue to wish him my own head....and keep on my process of attempting to move on.....which sometimes feel like it's a standstill process.

But back to the good parts. June 25th I'll move into my new place. My grandma and aunt are coming on the 30th. I'll have plenty of help to get my place up and running.

And life is slowly but surely moving on. ♥♥