Annual Checkup

Last weekend didn’t turn out as scheduled. I spent a lot of Sunday walking around and running errands on foot with the dog. For me, it seems like a waste to go walking and not bring the dog, so I packed up a water bottle and a dish along with this reusable shopping bag that I can throw her in when we go into stores and off we went.

 Of course, no walk is complete with a visit to the park to chase squirrels.

We were probably out for a total of three or four hours…and Maggie has her winter coat because…well, it was winter until last week.

We would stop every so often and I’d give her a long drink of water, I’d dump some water on her, and off we’d go.

Monday – lethargic Maggie. Fine with me.

Tuesday – sick Maggie. Not cool.

Wednesday – perking up, but not her usual self…

Thankfully, Thursday was her annual vet check up (did you guys all know that dogs need to go once a year? I thought you only took them if they got sick….).

I came home last night, picked her up, threw her in the back in her little harness thing (she used to sit in the front, but she doesn’t weigh enough to set off the sensors to disable the airbag, so she’s been since moved into the back, complete with harness and little dog seatbelt). 

Anyway – in the backseat, she’s chilling, and as soon as we pull up to the vet, she is like, all, This is my place, man!! Let me out!!! She runs up to the vet, all excited, scratching at the door to get in. Never have I seen a dog so excited to go to the vet!! She’s such a little attention whore and all she remembers is that she gets a treat here and that there are other dogs. She doesn’t remember that she gets needles and stuff.


We walk in, and she’s so patient and TOTALLY putting on a show for the ladies there. She works it and she knows she’s cute.

She got her blood taken.


She waited patiently.



Her vet confirmed that I basically overheated her….and I remember last year buying some ice packs for her little “bag” so that she could sit and cool down in the summer. Oooooopps. Dog owner fail.

I found out that Maggie’s birthday is June 4th and she’ll be NINE!!! Wow, she has the energy of a much younger dog.

We also spoke a lot about her teeth….they are in rough shape and need cleaning….but I’m too scared to get it done…but this year is the year. I can’t wait any longer.

She got her vaccines and then left happily.

I knew she was hot and thirsty so we stopped in and got some ice water. She shoved her face in the cup…(this is a “small” from McDonalds’ to give some perspective of how little she is!).


I couldn’t be a prouder. She has seriously changed in the best of ways. She used to be high anxiety, had all these odd behaviors (she could only drink out of HER water dish that had to be inside her cage and she had to bark for ‘permission’ to enter) – and now she’s rocking the city life, friends with everyone (unless you’re a big dog…she’s still a little weary…), and so much calmer and cuter!!!

So happy to have this little thing in my life!!

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