Cooling off with the Dog

I kind of cringe about my abundant dog love because I kind of think it puts me one step closer to the “spinster” category. You know the stereotype: divorced, late thirties, no real prospects ahead. Sure, I’m dating someone I care a lot about, but my heart is far from jumping in for Marriage Round II (if ever) and kids just aren’t in the equation right now. But, there’s some kind of medical stuff that maybe I could have kids before I die, or I could adopt, or maybe I should start worrying about the future and write about this weekend’s invention that I should patent.

Maggie has come with me pretty everywhere for A LONG time. It was the best way to socialize her and well, to be totally honest; she really gets sick of me. She loves seeing other people, dogs, and of course, her favorite – squirrels and cats.

Paris Hilton has her fancy purses to carry her dogs – I have a reusable grocery bag that works just perfectly. It was in the +30*C again this weekend, so I brought the bag, threw three or four ice packs in the bag and magic. The dog has her own cooling off area. I carry her with my arm extended and she decides to stick her little paws out, so obviously this is really comfortable. If it’s really hot, I stick one in the back part of her leash and it stays against her back. Talk about the spoiled life.


Another day I took her to the park, and clearly she was hot, so I just chuck an ice pack on her. She just sat and watched the local life go by. It’s been too hot for squirrels lately, so she’s starting chasing birds again. Funny, she’s learned the word “bird”, “squirrel”, “treat”….all in French. Why won’t I give in and teach her English???


I had some dental work done yesterday (I have an amazing dentist) and they gave me these magical pills to make me really, really high (I basically know what’s going on but don’t care), so I thought it best that I didn’t drive to get groceries. I walked to a local store, threw Maggie in the cart, and off we went. She could care less where we are, as long as I bring her.


I never planned on loving this little dog so much, but she has helped me through some of the hardest parts of the last two years. I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t feel guilty for taking her from her old family, but in the same sense, not a day goes by that she doesn’t make me laugh or smile….

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